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Recharge is designed to strengthen the health of African American churches and communities by connecting them to tools, resources, and best practices that will Educate, Equip, and Edify the body of Christ so we live the Great Commission and show the Great Commandment.

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Eric Mason

Eric Mason, DMin, is the founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, as well as the founder and president of Thriving, an urban resource organization committed to developing leaders for ministry in the urban context. He has authored four books: Manhood Restored, Beat God to the Punch, Unleashed, and Woke Church.

Jerome Gay
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Zion McGregor
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Dr. Sarita T. Lyons
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Blake Wilson
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Dr. Eric Mason
Black Dignity What is Urban Apologetics?

This topic will introduce the pressing need to recover the biblical concept of dignity for Blacks. We will also uncover why people are walking away from the church, seeking to find their identity outside of Christianity. Believing the lies Black Religious Identity groups are telling them.


Dr. Sarita Lyons
Black Women and the Appeal of the Black Conscious Community and Feminism
Contending that the Black conscious community and the feminism are both “lifeless lifeboats” that cannot rescue Black women. Dr. Lyons charts a biblical path for Black women navigating questions about Christianity and biblical femininity.


Zion McGregor
Why the Black Church Must be Relevant
Explaining the crisis found in Black churches that struggle to transition to the new missiological landscape, and how this affects the younger generations that have grown up in churches. Rev. McGregor will help the Black church to chart a new path toward answering the urgent questions of this generation.




Q&A Panel


Jerome Gay
White Washing

How Christianity is seen as the white man’s religion in the conscious community and among Blacks in general. Answering the lie by arguing that Christianity is for all people (Blacks included).


Blake Wilson
Knowing your Bible
Covering the need to know your Bible, offering Pastoral counsel on how to know a fake by knowing the real thing. Knowing the Bible and having intimacy with the Most High are irreplaceable tools for engaging apologetically.


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