$6,000 of Hunger funds reallocated to help bring jobs during Ebola epidemic

by Leah Reynolds on December 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Commissioners of the Christian Life Commission (CLC) unanimously approved a reallocation of $6,000 of Texas Baptist Hunger Offering funds in Sierra Leone because of the Ebola crisis.

The funds, originally intended to aid school fees and meals for students will instead help rehabilitate the school, which has been closed for nearly half a year due to the Ebola epidemic that has taken and is taking away many lives and jobs in West African countries.

The request to reallocate the funds came from the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone as they foresee a better use of the money is to open up job opportunities for residents.

From the Baptist World Alliance, Rothangliani Chhangte, director of Baptist World Aid told the CLC that given the state of Sierra Leone's economy after the Ebola virus outbreak, where nearly 50 percent of the people lost their jobs, rehabilitating the schools could give employment to people and help them feed their families during this crucial time.

Hunger Offering funds are used both to provide food relief and to promote economic development for the alleviation of poverty.

“All of our CLC commissioners have been deeply moved by the great need caused by the Ebola epidemic," said Ferrell Foster, coordinator for Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. “This change in funding is in response to a request from Sierra Leone Baptists. This partnership between Baptists in Texas and Sierra Leone is facilitated through the work of Baptists World Aid, and it's a great example of an effective partnership."

Texas Baptist Hunger Offering receipts have been down this year, said Foster, and they are praying Texas Baptists make up the shortfall before the end of the year.

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