A servant’s heart with a smile

by Guest Author on June 17, 2015 in Great Commission

This past weekend, we traveled to a local village for an English camp. The entire point of the weekend was to help the Thai people practice their English all while building relationships. I was fortunate enough to meet so many Thai girls and build awesome relationships with a few of them over the course of the weekend.

Susie decided to sit with me on the way home because we had a 4 hour bus ride and she wanted to practice her English!! She ended up asking me how long I had been a Christian and I knew that was God putting an opportunity right in front of my face, so I took full advantage of it. I was able to share the Gospel and bridge illustration with her.

On Monday, she came to the Baptist Student Center at 4:30 p.m. before her English class at 7:00 p.m. because she wanted to practice more English. We ended up reading through and studying a Bible story. This is a way to share stories about Jesus, but it also provides them a chance to practice their English, learn new vocabulary and practice pronunciation.

We had a great discussion about the commandment of "Loving your neighbor."

"When you talk about Jesus you are so happy and smiling!," Susie said after I shared the Gospel with her.

That just made me smile because I pray that whether or not I am able to share the Gospel with everyone I meet that I am making it a point to have a servant's heart with a smile every step of the way.

I am loving the relationships I am building with the Thai people. God has given these people a sense of urgency to learn more about English, American culture and the Bible. They are so friendly and incredibly courageous.They truly inspire me in many ways.

Hayley Godwin, a student from UT Tyler, is serving as a Go Now missionary this summer in Thailand, working with university students.

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