All In

by Katie Frugé on February 19, 2021 in Hunger Offering

There are many words that come to mind when people reflect on the impact of 2020.
Loss. Illness. Vaccines. Social distancing. New normal.

One of the hardest "new normals" of 2020 became the growing reality that as the virus continued we were facing a crisis within a crisis: hunger.

As we look to 2021 and think about how to address the many concerns and issues our communities face, I would encourage you to remember that hunger is a root issue. Hunger and food insecurity directly correlate with a host of other issues that are critical to a person’s wellbeing. Mental health, behavior and physical health are all directly impacted by a person’s access to food and the type of food available.

Hunger and food insecurity is surging, and the numbers are mind-numbing. According to the World Food Program (WFP), the global number of people experiencing extreme hunger would rise 82% from the start of 2020 to the beginning of 2021. Texas is not exempt from this dramatic rise in hunger and food insecurity. Feeding America is projecting that roughly 5.8 million Texans experienced food insecurity in 2020.

The theme for the Hunger Offering in 2021 is “All In.” All In represents the total commitment to combating hunger and food insecurity around the world.

Because 100% of your gift goes back out to alleviate hunger in communities around the world, you know that the hunger offering is All In to empower our partners around the world.

All In to empower the marginalized.

All In to heal the hurting.

All In to bringing God’s peace to hurting communities.

All In because God has commanded us to care for the least of these.

All In because every person matters.

Join us being All In in 2021!

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