BOUNCERS Being a Blessing

by Kasey Chinn on June 22, 2016 in BOUNCE

BOUNCE students are doing great things in the Bartlesville community. Greg Graham, of FBC Bartlesville, had the opportunity to visit several of the houses where BOUNCERS were hard at work. He told a story about one homeowner who was a member of a local congregation. Her own children had been on numerous community service mission trips. “She had been giving all her life, and now through BOUNCE the Lord was blessing her,” said Greg. “Three out of four sites that I visited had homeowners nearly in tears out of gratefulness.” It is awesome to hear stories of how students can make a difference for the Lord’s glory.

After a hot day of work, BOUNCERS went through a Concert of Prayer, which is a reverent worship experience. Students had the chance to pray individually and walk through the Lord’s prayer. It was a good time for them to do business with God and really meditate on who He is, which is the reason for being here. Worship each night gives participants the ability to hear teaching from God’s Word and praise Him for what He is doing. It is nice for the students to learn tasks such as hammering or sawing, but it is more important that they learn truth about who God is and how He loves us. Each evening is a reminder of what we are laboring for—the Lord’s glory. 

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