Dallas Mission Continues

by Kasey Chinn on June 15, 2016 in BOUNCE

Today is day two of the BOUNCERS engaging the community on their work sites. We’ve heard several updates from groups who have accomplished a lot already! Many have been tasked with painting, roofing, siding, or even constructing wheelchair ramps. Our coordinators have been hard at work planning and organizing the various projects, and the students have spent a lot of time bearing the heat and humidity to serve others.

BOUNCE has been fortunate to be featured in a few different media outlets in the Dallas area this week. We are glad to get the word out about what God is doing. It is unusual for youth to spend any of their summer vacation out in the heat to labor for others, and even to pay money for the opportunity to do so! God is glorified as the students proclaim his name through their service.

Students are returning to their lodging exhausted, but excited about the work that is being done. It is evident that they are connecting with one another and accomplishing a lot at their work sites. Some students have talked about their experiences and are eager to continue acquiring skills they have never had before. 

This evening, the BOUNCERS experienced a Concert of Prayer, a guided time of individual prayer. It was a great time to focus on the Lord’s Prayer and reverently spend some time in God’s presence. Rather than being led by people onstage, the worship experience was focused on each person individually having the chance to use prayer journals and focus on the Lord. Songs of praise were sung, and students were able to examine their lives and hearts in moments of quiet reflection. 

We are thankful for everything God is doing so far this week and are eager to watch the rest of the Dallas mission unfold. Pray that the Lord continues to shape hearts in this place. 

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