‘Exciting’ Singing Hills celebrates 40 years being the presence of Christ

by Leann Callaway on March 14, 2024 in Local Church Stories

DALLAS – As members and guests of the “Exciting” Singing Hills Baptist Church in Dallas gathered for a time of joyful celebration during their morning worship service on Feb. 25, they offered a time of praise and thanksgiving to God for the great work He has done in their church and community over the past 40 years.

While looking back and looking ahead, their founding pastor, Dr. Howard E. Anderson, Sr., encouraged the congregation to reflect on three foundational truths about the design of “Christ’s Church in the world” during his sermon. Speaking from Matthew 16:13-20, he emphasized that the Church is Christ’s idea, Christ’s institution and Christ’s instrument.

“The Church is to be a united force for righteousness in this world,” Anderson noted. “Our words should represent Christ because we are His presence in a dying world, a divided world. The Church must not be divided. We are the light of the world and salt of the world. The world shouldn’t be influencing us. We should be influencing the world.”

During the anniversary celebration, Anderson recognized the importance and influence of the church’s 24 charter members who gathered at the Moorland Branch YMCA on East Ledbetter in Dallas for the first worship service. He thanked them for believing in the calling that God placed on his life to establish the “Exciting” Singing Hills Baptist Church.

In honor of the special occasion, leaders from Texas Baptists and the Dallas Baptist Association were in attendance to offer their appreciation and admiration for Dr. Anderson’s faithful ministry through the years.

“The qualities that I admire most about Dr. Anderson are that he is steadfast in his work and commitment to the church's work and his unflappable character in leading the church,” said Dr. Steve Dominy, who serves with Texas Baptists as the area 8 representative for the Dallas area. “After 40 years, he has seen turmoil come and go and has remained resolute in his service to the Lord.”

Dr. Ryan Jesperson, executive director of the Dallas Baptist Association, affirmed Anderson’s service to the community.

“The thing that I wake up in the morning and pray about is, ‘Do we have a church for every person in Dallas and Rockwall County who cares about their salvation?’” Jespersen said.

“And when I drive through here, I know there’s a church right here that is the presence of Christ. We are grateful for how God is using Dr. Anderson and the “Exciting” Singing Hills in this community to do such an incredible work.”

Desiring to be on a mission to “reach, teach, develop and serve people,” Anderson reminded the congregation that they are called to carry out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment as they go into the mission field that is before them daily.

“We are to be Christ’s presence until He comes again,” Anderson said. “As His child, we are to represent Him every day and reveal His love and reveal His light into our world that is in darkness and needs light. We are grateful to God to be His instruments to carry out His mission and His message.”

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