Executive Board approves 2014 convention budget

by John Hall on September 26, 2013 in News

DALLAS - The Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board approved a $40.4 million 2014 budget for the convention.

The budget reflects essentially flat church giving through the convention's Cooperative Program, $2.29 million in investment income and $1 million less to be raised by the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation.

Total Cooperative Program from Texas Baptists for 2014 is forecast to be $48.95 million, including $11.3 million to the Southern Baptist Convention, $1.0 million to Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and $1.8 million for worldwide portion of the Texas Baptist Cooperative Program. The Board also approved the allocation of the expected $1.8 million for Texas Worldwide.

"Cooperative Program receipts for this year are about even from last year," Texas Baptists' Treasurer Jill Larsen said. "At the same time, the special missions offerings are up - Mary Hill Davis, the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, Lottie and Annie. We are encouraged by that. We are grateful for the generosity of Texas Baptists."

Gifts to missions through the Texas Baptist Cooperative Program fund diverse ministries, including evangelism training initiatives, church starting efforts, Baptist Student Ministries and convention-affiliated institutions.

This year, the board had final approval for the convention budget - as granted by messengers to this summer's BGCT Annual Meeting.

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