FBC Del Rio reaches across the border to assist tornado victims in Mexico

by Guest Author on May 30, 2015 in Great Commandment

As needs are arising in Texas following flooding, tornadoes and other severe storms, many in Mexico are also experiencing great difficulties from weather damage. Larry Floyd, pastor of First Baptist Church Del Rio, led a group from their church to minister across the border in Acuna, Mexico, following an F4 tornado. Read his report below:

Day 5 in Mexico was one of importance. We sent a group of seven to continue our presence for those that have been displaced by the F4 tornado on Monday. As we went in Jesus' name, we made an initial stop by our partner church Templo Bautista Bethel. There we stumbled upon a pastor's gathering in deep discussion. They were discussing how they were to proceed in preparing to begin a partnership of ministry to this tornado stricken neighborhood of 1,300 homes.

After our first stop, we proceeded to a central area where we were to feed workers and families that had a need for nourishment. As the morning drew to a close, we proceeded to a gym that was housing over 300 people. Here I witnessed a huge gathering of young students volunteering the sorting and packing of donated items into family style bags that included things like cereal, bleach, Lysol, toilet paper, toothpaste, canned food, and other necessary items. We fed the volunteers at this location as well.

In total, 700 meals were served consisting of meat, beans, rice, bread, and water.

We also went door to door asking if there were other needs, for items like mops or bleach or a broom. Of course our supplies quickly ran out.

The best part of the day was after all the feeding and handing out of supplies. We set up a canopy, table, and chairs to attract the children in a coloring gathering. The kids as you can see in the pictures were coloring a drawing. Then the best part came. Olympia, started to present the Gospel to this young group of kids. They were attentive and afterwards were given a New Testament and invited back on Monday to continue the conversation. This is how you start a church in Mexico. You start by stirring the hearts of kids.

As we were leaving we were able to minister to a young couple struggling to keep their marriage intact. Please pray for Diego and his wife. I plan to meet with them again on Monday!

Larry Floyd
Pastor, FBC Del Rio

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