God opening doors in Germany

by Guest Author on June 10, 2015 in Great Commission

Before my teammate Kasey and I even arrived in Germany, God was opening doors at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, where we would be spending our summer doing outreach. Our supervisor Nick Howard went one day to check out the campus and get an idea of what we could do when we got there. He went to the Amerikanistik (English) Department, spoke with a secretary, and explained who he was and that we would be coming in the summer. He thought it might be of interest to them to have native speakers with whom students could practice English. As he was doing this, a girl named Carolin overheard their conversation and asked Nick if she could visit Immanuel Baptist Church.

The following Sunday, Carolin visited IBC and stayed connected with Nick. Last week, we met her for coffee and got to know her; she even introduced Kasey and me to some of her friends. This week, we will hang out with her and her friends again.

God opened doors before we even arrived here and now He is using Carolin as a way for us to meet new people. Hopefully these friendships will help the people we meet stay connected to IBC long after we're gone. Most importantly, the Lord is using Carolin as a vessel to connect us with unbelievers so we can share the Gospel. It's amazing to me that God uses broken people like us to show the world who He is, and He is using Kasey and me to do that this summer. God doesn't need us to do anything, but He allows us to be a part of His ministry and we are so grateful and humbled to do so.

Machenzee Clevenger is a summer Go Now Missionary to Wiesbaden, Germany. To read more about this team's journey please click here.

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