How God changed my heart

by Guest Author on January 18, 2017 in Great Commandment

South Asia is an interesting place to visit, especially for an introvert. When I applied for a mission trip, I thought about construction work. God had a different plan in mind.

God sent me to a South Asia.

I was sent here for a reason – to share Jesus Christ with others. Who would have thought a shy college student would be going around looking for people of peace?

Before the trip, I had a fear of sharing the hope of Jesus with others. As I ended the trip, God opened my heart. Now, I want to share this news with everyone. I learned many ways to spark a conversation, turn the subject and share the Gospel.

One of the stories I will remember involved going through an area where people were scared of the name “Jesus.” We were in an area where people were told they would be beaten up if they believed in Jesus. That is scary, right?

As we continued through this area we prayed, asking God to open the heart of a bold student or man willing to just listen. We serve an awesome God, He opened up a conversation with a college student who was interested in prayer. His family heard the Gospel and was the only family in the area willing to listen.

This trip changed me. It does not matter what you do in life, we all have an opportunity to share the Good News with someone.

This was my first mission trip, God did a number of things in my life. Anyone can go on a mission trip. I hope this story inspires you to go on mission.

Dustin Lynch served as a Go Now missionary on Christmas Mission Trip. 

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