Lives added to the Book of Life in the Philippines

by Guest Author on June 25, 2015 in Great Commission

Once my team and I arrived in Bicol our team (of four Americans and me) grew and we added two translators, they were instantly part of our team! We headed out to the field last Saturday morning, to Apuao, a small island. The pictures I have taken don't do God's creation justice.

Ate Annie, Deanna, Racheal and I headed to the village. As part of our mission, we asked the people if we could take their blood pressure and once we were invited into their homes we would talk to them about the Gospel. Sometimes Ate Annie shares in Tagalog or other times one of us would share in English and she will translate. It is so amazing how God overcomes the language barriers.

Within just a few days on the island, we had started many Bible studies. And through each of these Bible studies, talking with the people I see God more and more. He is moving in the village. He has prepared the hearts of the people we are encountering. My team and I are not doing anything but being willing vessels to the Lord. This trip is not about us, but bringing glory to God. He is doing great things and I am so grateful He is showing me His work. Each day, I am learning more about Him and His will for us, this trip and my life.

Earlier this week, we were doing a Bible study, and Ate Annie was sharing the Gospel with the people listening, as she does every time we have a Bible study. She is so encouraging to me. She is fearless in sharing the Truth. She is humble and is always looking to serve others. She is SO in tune with the Spirit, the Lord has shaped and molded her to be a missionary!

As I sat there and prayed for the hearts of the Filipino's listening, Ate Annie continued to share the Gospel, (even though I don't understand what she is saying 90% of the time) and I could feel the Holy Spirit moving in the room. I knew the Lord was about to do something great, and He did. Many lives were added to the Book of Life that morning! All Glory to God! The emotions of seeing others understand the truth of the Gospel are overwhelming! Tears of joy were shed by the team. We celebrated God's will for these souls!!!

Please pray for these new believers, that the Lord would continue to move in their hearts. Please pray my team would remain healthy, hydrated, and focused. Please also pray for me, that I would be filled with the Spirit so that I can do the Lord's will. Pray I would be become weaker and He would be made perfect in my weakness.

Cloe Veldhuis, a UMHB student, is serving as a Go Now missionary in the Philippines as part of a health care team.

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