Mineral Wells Wednesday

by Kasey Chinn on July 13, 2016 in BOUNCE

Progress continued at our participants’ ministry sites today. Many of our teams have already finished scraping and priming, and painting has begun on multiple houses. Each homeowner has a different situation, and may have endured hardship after hardship. Some houses are in desperate need of siding installation or painting, and the BOUNCERS are hard at work.

One homeowner named Linda said that these students’ work was an answer to prayer. She had prayed for six years and knew that her house needed repairs soon. She was glad to have a BOUNCE team there. Linda was seen at her table with more than one Bible open, thanking God for blessing her. It is great to see the difference that the work makes in people’s lives. The homeowners are able to see the work as an expression of these students’ love for Christ. 

This evening, the BOUNCERS participated in a Concert of Prayer, which is an interactive prayer experience. The focus was on the Lord’s Prayer and allowed students an opportunity to individually focus on praying to God. Nightly worship gives participants the ability to hear teaching from God’s Word and praise Him for what He is doing. It is nice for the students to learn tasks such as hammering or sawing, but it is more important that they learn truth about who God is and how He loves us. Each evening is a reminder of what we are laboring for—the Lord’s glory. 

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