Sharing the Gospel in Taiwan

by Guest Author on June 29, 2016 in Great Commandment

Sunday nights in Taichung are my favorite. Along with my team and a full-time missionary, I get to walk through Bible stories that I've known since Sunday school with people across the Christian spectrum, from mature Christians to those who have never heard about Jesus.

Tonight, I was blessed to interact with one of the latter. Jason is an exchange student from mainland China and tonight was his first time to come to our meeting. One of his friends (also from China) has been coming for a few weeks and has been really curious about Jesus and decided to invite him.

Just a few hours ago, he got to hear for possibly the first time in his life words from the Holy Bible and the truth of the Gospel!

Oh, I praise God for the privilege and opportunity to share in that experience with him! It's so humbling to think that God decided to use me to help Jason hear tonight. There was a language barrier, but thankfully there was a mature believer in our group who is a native of Taiwan and helped translate, while adding his own testimony of the goodness of the Lord.

Jason was enveloped in a whole world of new information and I think he was trying to take in as much as possible. As he left tonight, he had a Bible to call his own, a smile on his face and a whole room of new friends. When I came to Taiwan, an open country with established ministry operations, I did not think I would be blessed to be involved in the first experience someone has with Christianity.

Andrew Allen is a student from The University of Texas, serving as a Go Now missionary in Taiwan.

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