This Week's Worship

by Kasey Chinn on June 16, 2016 in BOUNCE

It is difficult to believe that it is nearing the end of the week already! The staff is proud of the BOUNCERS who have been working hard consistently to serve as an expression of their love for Christ. Not only have they been able to accomplish tasks to help meet physical needs in the community, but they have also had the chance to encounter God in worship sessions each night.

Our worship speaker, Randy, has been diligent in his presentation of Matthew 5. Presenting the word in a way that captures the students’ attention, he uses relevant illustrations and is passionate about students connecting with scripture. He spoke this evening about how true satisfaction is found in Christ and is characterized by Christlike actions. Randy told a story about a student he knew who shared the gospel faithfully, and emphasized that it doesn’t take going across the world to be a missionary, but rather it is a heart transformed by God. 

Students also heard about resources to use in discerning a call to ministry. Every follower of Christ is called to ministry regardless of what context they are in. Jesus commands us to make disciples and to love others no matter what field we are in or what career we have. Some, though, are called to devote themselves to ministry by vocation. We Are the Called is a ministry devoted to helping students who may be sensing a call to ministry for themselves. They encourage students to hear from God and exercise discernment.  

There have been many opportunities to learn through actions and the word of God. The BOUNCE staff wants this week to impact the lives of students, not just while they are here, but when they return to their homes and are still able to experience the same God at work. 

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