TXB Spotlight with Dave Lee

by Texas Baptists Communications on April 26, 2024 in TXB Spotlight

Join us in praying for Pastor Dave Lee and Icon Church as they remain faithful to the mission God has for them!

Q: What is one exciting thing God is doing in your church right now?

A: As a Pastor, seeing people from different cultures and backgrounds loving one another and caring for each other all for the glory of God, is extremely encouraging. As a church, we are also reaching out to people in the community who have no experience with Jesus. Being able to see the transformation that is happening with the "unchurched" is exciting.

Q: What is God showing you in your spiritual walk right now, and how can that help your church?

A: Right now, it is obedience precedes provision. God calls us to put obedience before provision, and we want our church to operate that way. Right now, we are in this journey of taking steps of obedience without exactly knowing how God is going to provide or orchestrate. This looks like us saying, "We're going to give here" and "We're going to go do outreach there." We're going to keep taking these steps of obedience, not knowing the how, but knowing the who and the why.

Q: How can people pray for your church?

A: First thing is for our church to stay faithful to the Great Commission; this call we have to move to downtown Plano. Secondly, as we approach the time for our launch to downtown Plano in August, if people could just pray for us. That we would have the unity of Christ and continue to walk faithfully toward the mission that God has given us. It's so important to remember that if missions are the furnace, prayer is the fuel and the Spirit is the flame. Without prayer, there is no fuel. So if people can pray for our church, that is even more fuel!

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