Worship Time

by Kasey Chinn on July 14, 2016 in BOUNCE

Students had another day of hard work today. A few teams have even been able to finish the work on their houses and contribute to another house’s progress; six teams are working on seven work sites in Mineral Wells. Each night, we are thankful for a time of worship to praise God and hear from His Word.

Worship all week has been about the Beatitudes. Our worship speaker, Dwayne, continued unpacking this part of the Sermon on the Mount this evening. We have learned thus far that true satisfaction is found in Christ and is characterized by humility, righteousness, and Christ-like actions. When a person follows Christ, there comes the understanding of one’s own sinfulness that really juxtaposes the holiness of God. Jesus’s perfect righteousness becomes ours by His grace, and the natural outflow of this understanding is actions that reflect who God is in His love.

Each mission team is comprised of students from different churches. They come together for a common goal and will get to know each other well by the end of the week, despite not knowing one another in the beginning. After each night of worship, students gather in their youth groups and have a time of reflection and discussion. They are able to share about their day and what God has been teaching them.

Even though BOUNCERS are tired, we have one more day of work ahead. Groups are making lots of progress and are eager to see what else they will accomplish. They have bonded with their teams and spoken with their homeowners. Please continue praying that they will be able to witness well during their remaining time! 

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