Wrapping up a Great Week

by Kasey Chinn on July 15, 2016 in BOUNCE

The BOUNCERS have done a lot of great work in Mineral Wells this week! Some houses have had siding installed, received new coats of paint, and even had porches rebuilt. Students have been working hard this week and we are proud of them for all that they have accomplished. They have come together, gotten to know each other, and learned how to work as a team. These 70 students and leaders did a lot of work for the Lord’s glory, by meeting physical needs and paying attention to spiritual needs as well. We are thankful for the relationships built with the homeowners.

BOUNCE is a great experience for everyone involved. Students have learned a variety of skills, but as a staff our main prayer is that they encountered God and helped others to do the same. This week would not be possible without the immeasurable work of everyone involved: all the local coordinators, our speaker, volunteers, host school, local churches, and all the people who came together to ensure that our students and staff were fed, taken care of, and safe. Your involvement is deeply appreciated! We are proud of the investment that the BOUNCERS have made this week. 

We pray that all of our groups have safe travels back home! It is our hope that they will remember that living missionally is not just about going on mission trips, but taking the gospel into every aspect of life. Hope to see many of these students BOUNCE again next year! 

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