Student Disaster Recovery and Student Church Planting

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many frequently asked questions (FAQs) BOUNCE Leadership answer every year. Below you will find some of them, however many of your questions may be answered by looking at the Student Disaster Recovery Group Leader Handbook or the Student Church Planting Group Leader Handbook.

What does a week of BOUNCE look like?

BOUNCE is a combination of hands-on mission service, worship, and training (Church Planting missions). For a look at the tentative schedules for a BOUNCE Mission, check out the following:

Who can participate in a BOUNCE Mission?

For Spring Break Mission any student currently in 6th grade through college can participate in a BOUNCE Mission. For Summer Missions students must have completed 6th grade and be at least 12 years of age. Any underage children are not eligible to participate in or attend a BOUNCE Mission.

How many adults are needed to serve as sponsors?

Groups must provide one adult female (21 years of age or older) for every 5 girls and one adult male (21 years of age or older) for every 5 boys. For more information on Adults at BOUNCE, check the Group Leader Handbooks.

How much does BOUNCE cost and what is included in the price of BOUNCE?

Rates vary for each BOUNCE Mission. For specific rates, check the list of mission opportunities. In most cases unless otherwise stated, the pre-packaged mission rate includes lodging in an area school or church, meals, mission prep materials, on site supplies, supplemental insurance, Mission Coordinating Team, Staff, Worship Team, and a BOUNCE T-Shirt.

Where do we stay at BOUNCE?

In most cases we lodge at local churches or schools. Check the Supply Lists in the Group Leader Handbooks for everything you will need to “camp out” for your mission.

What is the difference between a Disaster Recovery/Community Rehab Mission and a Church Planting Mission?

A Disaster Recovery/Community Rehab Mission is a hands-on construction-based mission that seeks to restore HOPE, rebuild COMMUNITIES, and reflect CHRIST in areas impacted by disasters or where homes need rehabilitation. We help communities and individuals “BOUNCE” back. Church Planting Missions immerse students in church planting and seek to give church plants and planters a “BOUNCE” forward in ministry momentum.

Can any size group participate in BOUNCE?

Yes. Whether you want to bring 3 or 30, BOUNCE can accommodate your group and provide you with a significant hands-on mission experience.

What kind of work is done at a Disaster Recovery/Community Rehab Mission?

Students serve communities through a variety of challenging ministry projects. Work may include but is not limited to debris removal & clean-up; construction rehabilitation such as roofing, drywall, siding, painting, flooring, and more; and other ministry projects that will assist and encourage members of the affected community.

Is construction experience required for a BOUNCE Disaster Recovery/Community Rehab Mission?

Although helpful, your group doesn’t need construction experience. BOUNCE has experienced construction personnel to lead and supervise Ministry Teams. If your church has experienced construction volunteers, let us know. We may want to enlist them to serve as Construction Team Leaders. We need their help!

How are Ministry Teams established at a BOUNCE Mission?

Ministry Teams are established in several ways. In some cases, youth groups are kept together. In some cases, Ministry Teams are made up by mixing students and adults from various churches. If groups are mixed, at least two participants from your group are placed on a team to minister with participants from other churches for the week. Talk with your Mission Coordinator about the Ministry Team process.

What kind of work is done at Church Planting Missions?

BOUNCE is also engaging students in Church Planting. Youth groups partner with church plants in meaningful, significant ministry such as kid’s clubs, sports camps, servant evangelism, surveying, and more.

When are deposits and balances due? Are deposits refundable and transferable?

Deposits ($50/participant) are due on January 15 or at the point of registration after January 15. Deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Final Balances are due MAY 1 for June Missions, JUNE 1 for July Missions. Spring Break balances are due FEBRUARY 15.

What is BOUNCE’S policy regarding Child Protection Training?

All Adult Sponsors and participants 18 years of age and older are required to take the MinistrySafe Sexual Abuse Awareness Training. For further information on MinistrySafe training and background check requirements, see page 12 of the Group Leader Handbook (Student Disaster Recovery) and page 11 of the Group Leader Handbook (Student Church Planting).

Do participants need medical insurance to serve at BOUNCE?

Yes. Participants must have medical insurance to participate with BOUNCE. BOUNCE, the BGCT (Texas Baptists), or the church/school housing participants are not financially responsible for any BOUNCE participant who is injured or becomes ill at/during the BOUNCE Mission. If a participant does not have medical insurance, and you, the group leader, agrees they can come with your church, the church or the participant is responsible to provide a short-term medical insurance policy for them at no cost to BOUNCE or its affiliates.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my specific mission?

Each of our BOUNCE Missions has a Coordinating Team made up of a Mission Coordinator (MC) and a Construction Coordinator (CC) for Disaster Recovery/Community Rehab Missions and a Mission Coordinator (MC) and Church Planter Coordinator (CPC) for Church Planting Missions. You will be contacted by the MC at some point after your registration is complete. They will be your primary point of contact for your mission.