Theological Education

Are you called to a ministry vocation? Are you giving consideration to pursuing some form of theological education? The Theological Education office is able to assist you in answering these questions.

Financial Assistance for Ministry Students

In recognition of the divine call felt by those who minister, the churches of the BGCT provide financial assistance to Baptist students in Texas Baptist schools who are preparing for careers in church ministry. Various levels of assistance are available to students enrolled in accredited certificate, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs that have been endorsed by the convention. Application for all BGCT financial assistance is made directly through the financial aid office of affiliated BGCT universities and seminaries.

View the Financial Assistance for Ministry Students Brochure

Academic Degree Plans from BGCT Universities and Seminaries

The universities and seminaries related to the Baptist General Convention of Texas offer a wide range of degree plans for persons interested in obtaining a ministry degree. Individual needs differ, so our schools have worked to offer a variety of degrees to meet your specific needs. Schools not only offer degrees at three academic levels, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate, but also offer degrees for ministers with differing subject specialization and vocational needs.

Non-accredited Ministry Training Programs

Some ministers find that non-accredited ministry training is the best option for them at this time in their ministry. A large variety of non-accredited programs operated in cooperation with BGCT seminaries and universities, and some are in other languages besides English. They are located all over the state and offer excellent training experiences in a disciplined environment. We can help you find the program that is closest to you and that best meets your needs.