Sexual Abuse Response

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We are fully committed to helping congregations in their efforts to reduce the risk of sexual abuse within the church.

Through our relationship with MinistrySafe, a leader in sexual abuse prevention, we provide no-cost training and resources to empower church leaders to help keep those at church safe.

Where instances of sexual abuse do occur, we urge those with knowledge to recognize and report sexual abuse to the appropriate authorities in accordance with state law.

We are also passionate about providing the best possible care for survivors of sexual abuse, as well as others who may be impacted, through our network of more than 200 licensed counselors.

Our prayer is that this webpage gives your church the information it needs to combat sexual abuse through protecting, reporting, and caring well.

Sexual Misconduct Handbook

Texas Baptists wants to help you create a safe environment to conduct ministry. We've partnered with MinistrySafe to bring you a new digital resource on sexual misconduct that includes information to help you protect, respond and care for those impacted.

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Note: This page is designed to provide resources related to protecting against, reporting, and providing care following instances of abuse. Content is subject to change and does not constitute legal advice. The convention is not responsible for the content on linked websites.