A BOUNCE Testimony

We realized from the start that the heart behind BOUNCE was the real deal from top to bottom. From Director David Scott, all the way to construction supervisors, the intention to do work in the name of Jesus is the goal. Our kids and adults were able to show up, be trained, and go to work. It made it easy and a no stress environment for everyone involved. I think it’s important to get to these kids as soon as we can, to help equip them to have the heart of Jesus, with being a servant as a major part of that. BOUNCE gave us a great opportunity to do just that [in 2021], and I can tell for most it was a life changing experience.

Not only was there the major opportunity to serve, we are also able to fellowship and worship with other church groups. The worship speaker was willing to challenge the hearts of these young people. It’s a "best of both worlds feel" -- go work, serve, and make an impact on a community, while getting a bit of a church camp feel in the evenings. I would urge any youth group wanting to do missions to consider partnering with BOUNCE!

- Logan Burgess, Youth Pastor at Westwood Baptist, Tyler, Texas