A new year for your college ministry

2022 is underway and a new semester is about to begin. Is your college ministry ready to reach students and equip them to be disciples? The new year is a good time to refresh and reexamine your ministry goals. Here are a few questions to ask as you evaluate what happens next in 2022:

1. What progress are our currently connected students making in their walk with Jesus? We want our students to follow Christ, not just say "yes" to Him. Take a quick survey of the students in your ministry. Are they just attendees or are they growing in their daily walk with Christ, reading the Bible, making godly decisions, learning how to share with others?

2. What does our church need to do to help them take the next step? Where do they need to grow the most? Training and mentoring in sharing their faith? Learning how to read the Bible and developing the daily discipline of reading? What practical steps can you take to help them move forward?

3. Are we connecting with new students in our community? How could we do better? Is your church aware of the 18-25 demographic in your community? How many new students have joined your church or college ministry in the last year? What steps can you take to make better connections with these students?

Ask good questions and answer them honestly. Then, set realistic goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them. Come January 2023 you will be proud of the progress you've made in your college ministry.

Let us know how we can help! The Center for Collegiate Ministry is glad to help your church move your college ministry forward. Set up a coaching call or meeting with our staff this week! Contact Ginger Bowman at ginger.bowman[at]texasbaptists.org

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