So many BOUNCERS arrived yesterday ready to impact and help members of the community of Galveston County! Today they headed out bright and early to their different worksites at GO TIME, where they were commissioned for the work they will be doing this week!!

There are many residence in Galveston County that are so grateful for the help that the BOUNCERS are providing! One resident who is almost 75 years old, takes care of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and is currently having health issues is still living in her home that was effected by Hurricane Harvey and snowstorm Uri. She is so grateful for the Rock Spring Church BOUNCERS help today! The BOUNCERS working on her home were pulling up carpet and found mold underneath; the resident was unaware of the mold but it now explains her health issues. The resident was so overjoyed that the BOUNCERS were there to help repair her home that she started to cry, so the BOUNCERS were able to love on her and comfort her!