BOUNCERS Start Church Planting

It was such an exciting morning as the BOUNCERS started off their day with BOUNCE Bash games, three circles evangelism training, testimony sharing, and heading to the churches they will be working along side this week!!

Three Circles Evangelism Tool

To get the BOUNCERS lively this morning, we started off with a little BOUNCE Bash. The human knot, Oreo challenge, and Gorilla-Man-Gun games were great activities to get everyone moving this morning! After BOUNCE Bash, the BOUNCERS learned about the three circles evangelism tool! The BOUNCERS were challenged to share their story of Jesus in their life with a group of five other BOUNCERS, so that they could truly understand that evangelism could be as simple as getting to know someone. However, the challenge did not stop there. BOUNCERS were challenged to identify at least one person to be praying for today at their church plant, so that they can create relationships and have Gospel conversations with these people! While it sounds simple, it can be very intimidating to share about Jesus to others. So, please be praying for these BOUNCERS as they are out at their church plants and maybe have the same challenge for yourself today also!!