BOUNCERS Church Planting Experiences

First Baptist Church Liberty City, First Baptist Church Mount Pleasant, and Woodland Heights Baptist Church have been pouring out their hearts this week by worshipping God, learning about evangelism, and creating relationships with their different church plants. This morning we started off with BOUNCE Bash, where BOUNCERS got excited for some games and learned about Go Now missions. Afterwards, Church Plant/Evangelism training started. BOUNCERS learned a lot about expectations that are brought into church planting, but we must first remember to care for the community being impacted and not the ideas we are bringing to the community.

Though some church may not look like or feel like a BOUNCERS home church, it does not mean that God is not working and moving in many mighty ways within that church. Therefore, we must remember to always be led by the Spirit and not our own thoughts. In learning this, the BOUNCERS were able to brainstorm about ways that they can be impacting the church plants they are working with this week but also ideas of influencing their church back home.

The church plants are so grateful for the activities that these BOUNCERS are able to provide this week! BOUNCERS have been engaging in outdoor activities, Vacation Bible School, and child's camp. While there has been some challenges so far this week, BOUNCERS are still going strong in their desire to share about Jesus to the communities they are encountering. As BOUNCERS continue to have servant hearts this week, please be praying for opportunities to share the Gospel, love people as Christ loved us, and plant Gospel seeds in peoples' lives!