Pray for River Ministry

River Ministry missionaries have sent in these prayers for this period. Please lift them up as you remember them.

  • Dra Susy asks for prayer for the new round of covid in Juarez, that it might affect less people and that more can be vaccinated against covid. Pray also for those volunteers who help with the medical clinics.
  • Yamileth in San Antonio asks for prayer for connections with more churches and that the Lord continue to bring people willing to serve in the ministries of the river ministry.
  • Pray for time with family and time to rest amidst the work of ministry.
  • Pray for the great work that has increased since February all along the border to migrants and refugees on both sides of the border. Pray for an openness to God's word all along the border.
  • Pray for connections with churches in their cities and mission churches coming to serve this summer. Pray for good connections, guidance, wisdom, and time to plan and pray for those mission teams.
  • Pray for pastors that River Ministry missionaries work with on both sides of the border. Many have been struggling with health issues this year. Pray for health for them and their families as they continue to support River Ministry efforts on both sides of the border. May God continue to bless them.
  • Continue to pray for resources for all of our River Ministry missionaries: medicine and medical supplies for medical clinics, hygiene kits, chairs and supplies for church starts, food and snacks for feeding ministry and immigrant ministry, travel needs for immigrants, and more.

Pray for all of our missionaries by name:

  • Abraham Cervantes, Monterrey, MX
  • Cristina Lambarria, Matamoros, MX
  • Cutberto Ramirez Rodriguez, Nuevo Laredo, MX
  • Edward Jennings, Big Bend, TX / Frontera, MX
  • Gloria Chavira, Big Bend Association
  • Gloria de la Pena, Piedras Negras / Acuna, MX
  • Guillermo Lozano, online ministry
  • Jesus "Chuy" Galarza, El Paso, TX
  • Jonatan Guerrero, Reynosa, MX
  • Luis Arturo Davila, Ciudad Acuna
  • Pedro B. Munoz, Reynosa, MX / El Bajio, MX
  • Shon Young, Del Rio / Uvalde, TX & Ciudad Acuna, MX
  • Silvia Briones, Houston, TX
  • Susana Hernandez, Ciudad Juarez
  • Vanessa Lerma, Rio Grande Valley, TX / Mexico City, MX
  • Yamileth Guzman, San Antonio, TX

Thank you for your continued prayers for our missionaries and their efforts for the Kingdom of God!