BOUNCERS Adventures with Church Planting

This week has been incredible experiencing the joy of all the churches that were able to come to BOUNCE this week!! Each church had such different experiences, but all were filled with Christ-centered hearts! We just want to thank all the BOUNCERS for having such servant hearts throughout this week, no matter what task was laid before you!

First Baptist Church of Liberty City came and worked along side the church plant of Kingdom Church. There was a multitude of projects that Liberty City was able to engage in order to serve Kingdom Church. There are three buildings that the Kingdom Church operate out of and one was in need of a stage for worship, therefore, these BOUNCERS were able to build a stage for this church. On the first day, the BOUNCERS were able care for children at a little water park, which gave the pastor's wife the opportunity to talk to the mothers and invite them to church. Another day, Liberty City was able to ride around in the renovated bus from Kingdom Church and traveled to feed the homeless. Lastly, there was a block-party for Kingdom Church where the BOUNCERS were able to promote the church, continue to build relationships with everyone apart of the church, and converse with people to invite them to join in Kingdom Church's adventures!

City Post Church was the church plant that First Baptist Mount Pleasant worked with this week. While the week started off hard for this group, it did turn around because of being obedient to God. These BOUNCERS were working out of a community center for City Post Church this week, which led to some complications. On the first day, the BOUNCERS had a set plan of how to share the Gospel with the kids they encountered, however, the community center stated that they were no longer able to do so. This led to the BOUNCERS regrouping to brainstorm for a new plan of how they would be obedient to share the truth of God's love and grace. These BOUNCERS from Mount Pleasant were truly amazing how they were flexible with their church plant. Though they were challenged, these BOUNCERS still found ways of having Gospel conversations throughout the week with some children. It was so amazing to see the planning, training, and execution of each idea these BOUNCERS had. Because they know that they were going to be obedient to God, by loving and caring for the people that God had placed around them. At the end of the week, the BOUNCERS had a block-party for City Post Church. Since the block-party was through the church and not through the community center, the BOUNCERS were able to openly talk about Jesus and not have to wait until a child had a question anymore. There were sock-puppet shows, face-paint, chalk (which one BOUNCER used to explain the bridge illustration), bounce-houses, and many more other games that keep the children and BOUNCERS engaged.

Woodland Heights Baptist Church worked with Restored Life Fellowship this week at BOUNCE. It was so cool to go see the Vacation Bible School that these BOUNCERS were able to put on for their church planter. While working with children might be tiring, it does not compare to the joy of seeing a child smile, especially when they are smiling about Jesus. One BOUNCER shared that a challenge was keeping up with the kids energy, but it made his heart full when the children were learning about how God is greater than any treasure that they will ever receive. Another BOUNCER shared about a cute little girl that was at the VBS committed to being in a relationship with Jesus at the end of the week, which is so exciting!! We have a new little sister in Christ!!

While we may not always see or feel God working, He is constant in all that He does. No matter if we are working and experiencing BOUNCE at a church plant, back at home, or going through a hard time, God is there and He will use you in all situations. So BOUNCERS, be prepared to continue being a missionary every single day because that is what God is calling you to be and everyone else needs to follow in Jesus' footsteps in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

Please be praying for the BOUNCERS as they begin their travel back home Sunday morning, after attending their church plant service. Also, BOUNCE may be over for this week, but that does not mean God's work is done. Be praying for opportunities for Gospel conversations or at least awareness of all the opportunities God has already placed in our paths to be sharing about the Good News of Jesus!! Thank you to all the BOUNCERS that came this week! The BOUNCE Staff loved working with y'all and look forward to hearing about how God is using you to spread the Gospel!