World Refugee Day

Well Worn Shoes
This pair of shoes belong to a 5 year old boy from El Salvador. It took his family a month to travel through Mexico and reach the border and then another month living in tents in Mexico before arriving in McAllen, TX. His shoes, like many others, have so many stories to tell. It reminds me of the brokenness of this world and how many are suffering. How we must be Jesus hands and feet as we love and care for those in need, as we share the good news. We need to allow Him to transform our hearts and minds so we may see those in front of us through His eyes.
- Vanessa Lerma, River Ministry Missionary, Rio Grande Valley


Check out these great resources from WMU for your family or church to learn more about the refugee crisis and how you can respond:

Show Love
Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:19 ESV
Petits enfants, n'aimons pas en paroles et avec la langue, mais en actes et avec vérité. 1 Jean 3:18

The ministry I work with in France strives to not only read and share this verse but to actually show love in deeds in truth!
This picture is of us preparing for food distribution. Me and two members from the french ministry I work with.
- Noemi P. Aguirre, Texas Baptists Missionary serving with GEM-France

Minister to Refugees with God's Love
Isaiah 16:3b “… do not betray the refugees.”
We, as a church and God’s people, have an opportunity to treat and minister to refugees with God’s love. Many people take advantage of refugees and betray them in different ways. Regardless of the size or budget of our churches, God has provided enough for us to practice hospitality and generosity with others, like refugees, who have so much less. Let’s share the gospel of Jesus Christ and make a difference.
- Josue Valerio, Director of Center for Missional Engagement

How to Serve
You can serve refugees in your community, along the border, in other areas of the US, or overseas. One of our Texas Baptist Churches was working with a church in McAllen, helping with their refugee ministry, and asked how they could take this kind of ministry back home. The pastor said, look in your local park or bus station. The refugees who are here are traveling on to other locations and are coming through your cities, you just need to look for them. When that church got back to Tyler, the pastor looked is a local park and found refugees. They have started a ministry in that local park.

If you are interested in partnering with Center for Missional Engagement in refugee ministry, contact us.