Governing Documents

These documents provide instruction on the operation of the convention and our annual meeting. They provide a procedural framework for how Texas Baptists work toward the chief purpose of the convention, namely partnering together in Kingdom work.

Confessions of Faith

The 1963 Baptist Faith and Message has been adopted by messengers to the BGCT annual meeting. Some BGCT churches use other confessions of faith, including the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. Neither confession of faith is a requirement for inclusion in the BGCT.

Baptist Faith and Message (1963)


The Annual is published every year for annual meeting and contains information from the previous year. It contains directories of the convention, business proceedings, historical tables, statistical tables, listings from our churches, and more.

Books of Reports

The Book of Reports is published each year for annual meetings and contains ministry reports from Texas Baptists staff by team. It also contains financial reports form each of our institutions and updates from other ministry partners.