A Heart for Christ

by Guest Author on October 23, 2013 in Great Commission

The kids in the feeding program I work with have been selected from families most in need. They burst through the classroom doors each day with so much energy and excitement. It does not matter how the weather is; they are always here. Seeing the kids, and their involvement in my classroom, makes my heart sing with joy! Though at times I feel drained and nearly lose my voice, I feel satisfied knowing God is using me.

PeruThe kids in the program come with an empty stomach. If it were not for this program, many of them would not eat. Either their parents work too much, and are never home, and/or there is not much to eat. While the kids eat, they love to tell me about their day. They ask me how to say certain words or phrases in English and all want my attention. They share with me, and I share with them.

In the classroom, I break the group into two. I teach one group first, while the other group plays. Then I teach the other group. It is double the work, but yields better results. I am able to give them more of my attention. Because I share with them and let them see my heart, they know they can trust me.

I started a Bible study with the middle school girls and they now open up to me, asking any questions they may have. Sometimes I have no idea what a simple smile or hug can do. I pray each morning that God uses all that I am, for His glory. It is such a blessing!

I know that God is planting seeds in each one of their hearts. As they come and get their physical bodies fed, they are getting spiritually fed as well. What a blessing it is to be given the opportunity to impact so many lives. Though they are kids, they have the power to be the light in their homes and bring their families to Christ.

By: Janet Ruiz University of Texas- Pan American, serving in Peru with Go Now Missions

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