Answered Prayers in Connecticut

by Guest Author on July 8, 2015 in Great Commission

I want to share the story of Pastor Josh. Pastor Josh graduated from Norwich Free Academy in 1987. When he was 16, he said he went on a mission trip and that summer is when he had a heart for his high school and knew he needed to be doing something for his peers. That next fall, he went back to school, and he and a friend went to the school superintendent and asked if they could start a prayer group on campus and they were told, yes.

It was the first and only Christian group on campus. They were not given a classroom or other meeting spot, so they met outside by the cherry blossoms. Sometimes the group would have 20-30 people show up, and at other times it would just be he and his friend. But during those times, he prayed over his campus and for God to move on it.

After Josh graduated from high school, he became a missionary pilot - how cool! After that, he became an executive pastor at one of the biggest churches in Connecticut. And still after all of that, he left this particular church because he was called to plant his own church. He had his first interest meeting and only one elderly woman showed up. At the second interest meeting, three people came.

He took a huge step of faith and just said, "We're just going to launch our first church service and whoever shows up, shows up." In November, he launched his first service; 80 people showed up! In this moment, he knew he was being obedient. Josh is now serving as a pastor there, while being able to work part time at a youth center connecting with kids in the community.

This weekend, Josh partnered with Cornerstone City Church to have a 100-person choir come and sing on Saturday for a Celebrate Freedom Concert. The following day, they were able to lead worship and NFA had its first ever church service. This was the first time Josh had been back on the campus since he had graduated. He said God answered a prayer that he had forgotten he had even prayed over 20 years ago.

This story gives me chills to think about when we pray God never forgets, even when it looks like He did; He answers prayer.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering who his friend was, he said, "There's only one thing to do when you have a friend go with you and start a prayer group and stand by your side even in the snow … you take her to the altar and you marry her!"

Jermaca Brown, a student from East Texas Baptist University, is serving as a Go Now missionary in Connecticut.

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