CCDA vision trip to McAllen

by Gerald Davis on August 28, 2014 in News

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things. Romans 10:15

Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery hosted a leadership group of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) on a vision trip to the border which allowed the group to see first-hand the crisis plaguing the unaccompanied minors and family units along the U.S. Border in McAllen, Texas. The group witnessed how God is at work in the midst of the crisis along the border.

Although the situation appears to be bleak and many children, youth and adults suffer through the journey, the hand of God is obviously at work as He carries hundreds of lives to safety. Families arrive at the Sacred Heart Care Center in McAllen, Texas where they can shower, eat a hot meal, receive two changes of clothing and are given a travel kit. Adults and children are met with love and encouragement from a host of volunteers who are helping each individual to feel welcome and experience the love of Christ.

During the tour of the Sacred Heart facility, the CCDA group became aware of an 18-year-old mother from Ecuador who gave birth while in Guatemala two weeks ago. The young mother continued along the treacherous journey through the heat and terrain with the newborn and arrived at Sacred Heart on Thursday. A cool tent was dedicated to the mother and her newborn as they were surrounded by care and the love of Christ.

Chad Mason, missions outreach pastor at Calvary, shared another similar incident concerning the Border Patrol locating an individual in the desert via the use of a blimp aircraft. The blimp was using an infrared camera otherwise the individual would not have detected. The individual was a young mother in the process of delivering her child in the desert at night. The Border Patrol agents who discovered the mother just so happened to have had the emergency medical training and were able to assist the mother in the middle of the desert. They eventually brought the young mother and newborn to a safe place where they could receive the proper medical attention. How can one explain these and other similar instances other than to recognize that the Hand of God is at work in each of these situations?

The instances above remind me of a familiar poem, the “Foot Print in the Sand" poem."

These instances and others are examples of God's Hand at work carrying His beloved children to safety, from the chaotic situation in Central America.

Let the people of God proclaim the Good News, that God is at work and intervene in a traumatic instance in history to show Himself to be strong and mighty! May we rise up and become the prophetic voice for reservation to only speak of what we have seen and come to know as the truth. Through our proclamation God can use our witness to transform hearts and minds of those that are opposed to what He is attempting to accomplish for His glory. Praise God for the progress and overwhelming response to this crisis.

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