Eating Together

by Guest Author on October 26, 2015 in Faith

"Let's eat." Those may be my favorite two words. Whether it's dinner with my family or Wednesday night supper at church, few things speak of the abundant life God longs to give us like sitting together over a delicious meal. Perhaps that's the reason Jesus' primary commandment about Christian worship involved the commandment to eat together. Baptists generally believe Jesus left us with two ordinances for worship: baptism and the Lord's Supper. While we have brought baptism into the building, baptisms originally happened in public. The one thing Jesus told us to do when we gather together for worship was to share this meal and remember Him.

Why do you think Jesus' one command for worship involved eating together? I believe it's because Jesus knew that food speaks. If you see a cake with candles on top, what do we know without anyone saying a word? It's somebody's birthday. Exchange the candles for a little figurine of a man and a woman and what do you have? That's right, a wedding. Of course, food can speak in more intimate ways. I can't eat gumbo without thinking of my grandfather. When I eat gumbo, I don't just remember that dish was one of my grandfather's favorite foods, I also remember everything else about him.

I recently had the opportunity to share the Lord's Supper with a small congregation in Laos. We did not have a translator with us, which meant I understood almost nothing that was said in the service. No translator was required; however, when the pastor broke bread and passed the cup. I already knew what was being said. We are a part of the family of God. We have a seat at God's table, not by our own doing, but by the grace of God made manifest through the sacrificial death of Jesus our Lord. Remember His body. Remember His blood. Remember His death but also His resurrection! Remember the life He has called us to live. Remember, eat and be filled.

Taylor Sandlin serves as the pastor of Southland Baptist Church in San Angelo, Texas. Follow him @TaylorSandlin.

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