by Ryan Jespersen on January 28, 2015 in Great Commission

Now that is a big word for some of us. When you and I think of the word endowment we think of people who are long gone, who left at least a million dollars and now that money is being used and is growing. But you think there would be absolutely no way you or I could do something like that.

But, think again….

You have the ability to start an endowment with virtually any amount. Let's take an amount you and I might imagine we would have some day to give away. While $10,000 sounds like a lot, with the right savings plan all of us could save this much. What can $10,000 do to bring people to Jesus over the course of 20 years?

Perhaps you give the gift to organic church planting (remember this is just one example. We can help you find a ministry you are passionate about). In essence, organic church planting is church without a building, which meets in a house, apartment complex or elsewhere.

Over the course of 20 years, the $10,000 you gave or left is going to produce $500. For an organic church, $500 could be used to put on a pretty good block party. In fact, with so many of our associations having block party trailers, $500 could probably put on 2 block party's for this particular organic church - one in both the fall and the spring. Let's say on average at these block parties, 15 people come to faith in Christ.

Let's do the math. In 20 years, your $10,000 puts on 2 block parties a year. 30 people a year are finding faith in Christ, which means 600 people came to faith in Christ. 600 people who you get to meet in glory because you decided to make an investment. You might say what a great use of that money, when it is helping over 600 people finding faith in Christ.

Here is the thing about endowment, that money is still there. And over the next 20 years, and the next 20 years, and the next until Jesus Christ makes his glorious return your money will be used to build the Kingdom of Christ.

Another example would be if you choose to give it to bi-vocational pastor education. Wayland Baptist University has a certificate program that allows men and women who otherwise are unable to get education the ability to get a certificate in Christian ministry. This program costs $1800. They will take 18 hours, which earns them a Certificate in Christian ministry with the choice of a number of different concentrations. It also allows them to transfer these 18 hours to a degree at Wayland if they so choose.

You decide to take your $10,000 and specify that you want it to go to half scholarships for people to do this program. People who are committed to Christian ministry yet who may not have the money to pay for it all, but could scrape together enough for half. Over the course of 20 years you will help 11 pastors receive an education. Men and women who otherwise would probably have not received education. 11 pastors, each one of which has the potential to touch thousands of lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 11 pastors who now have the confidence to lead churches all over Texas.

These are just two examples of what could be done with those dollars. We would love to sit and visit with you about what that could like for you. Imagine if you gave more, $20,000. $100,000. How God could use this money in big ways to change the world with the Gospel of Christ? You may not think in terms of that right now, but remember you will continue to save, and one day maybe sooner than later you can make a great investment in seeing lives changed forever.

If you're interested in learning more about endowments or ways to give, please contact the Texas Baptist Mission Foundation by contacting Rita Griffith at .

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