Hearts receptive to the Gospel in East Asia

by Guest Author on January 7, 2020 in Great Commission

One of our Go Now Missions teams served in East Asia over their Christmas break. They were in a city where over 1 million college students live and study, so their task was to meet college students, help lead English classes and attend Christmas parties. The Christmas season is such a unique time to share the true reason for why we celebrate.

One of the team members shared about a conversation she had with a new friend: 

"It was lunchtime when we shared the Gospel with two students. One of them turned to me and asked if I believe all this. I said ‘Yes!’ The student asked ‘how can I believe this if my environment never taught me about it, not even my family?’ I explained to the student that there was a time in my life when someone spoke to me about the Gospel just like we did to them, but I was never taught about it at home so I had to choose. I explained many more things and answered more questions. At the end, the student really amazed me and said 'after you explain this to me I think I can believe more about God.’" 

Another student on the team shared about an opportunity they had to study the Bible with a believer and some of her friends. “We sat in a circle and sang worship songs. After that, we talked about what the songs meant and why we sang them. We read Scripture and talked about who God is. The students were engaged and asked questions and we were able to share our testimonies with them. Both the students agreed to continue meeting with our friends to read the Bible together.”

Pray for these new friends as they continue studying Scripture. Pray for the other many college students in this city who do not know God personally and that those who are believers would be bold in sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard. Pray for the Go Now students as they return to their own campuses for the Spring semester that they would continue to share the Gospel with students who have not heard.

Stories shared by Erica Harnisch, associate director of Go Now Missions.

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