How to find the right VBS Curriculum

by Diane Lane on May 31, 2017 in Great Commission

You are looking for Vacation Bible School curriculum and it looks good—bright colors and childish– but is that important? Then you begin to wonder – what do I really want to have in a Vacation Bible School curriculum? Is it the splash or content? Is it the crafts or missions? Is it the music or the motions? Is it all or none of these things?    

Children are the epicenter of Vacation Bible School. Children’s lives have to be changed. So, peering through children’s eyes.

  1. Curriculum needs to have a natural flow and relate to all areas of VBS. There has to be a natural connection with all areas of VBS. Bible passages, activities, recreation, mission stories and Bible skills must be connected.

  2. Curriculum needs to include how to use the Bible during Bible Study, as well as a time to learn where and how to find the daily passages in the Bible.

  3. Activities are meaningful, age-inspired, and varied throughout the sessions. Activities need to be both active and passive, make the children think and relate to the Bible passage.  

  4. The Bible background information must be written to give opportunity for the teacher to deepen their spiritual understanding of the passages. This helps them be better prepared to teach the child.

  5. It has to be cost effective. Ministers will spend the money if there is value in what they are buying. Resources have to be more than “religious rubbish”.

  6. The plan of salvation is given simply and concretely.  If manipulation and pressure is used to force children to say words they do not mean, the child is spiritually harmed.  

  7. Guidelines on conversations with children are given. VBS is a time when many adults are willing to volunteer, if they are given direction on conversation tips. This creates a more comfortable teaching situation for the child, as well as the adult.

When these things are considered, you will be on your way to finding a great VBS curriculum!   

Tejas Trails:  Finding True Friendship In Jesus is Texas Baptists VBS curriculum that you can download free! This is offered in English and Spanish, and you will find Bible Skills, learning projects, and mission study. This year’s mission study is all about Mary Hill Davis and some of the Texas Mission funds recipients.  

In fact, you can find this curriculum by going to this website:

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