Kelile highlights the unity of mission at Family Gathering

by Guest Author on August 29, 2018 in Faith

By Blake Killingsworth, vice president of Communications for Dallas Baptist University

Nebiye Kelile, pastor of Pathway Church in Garland, Texas, spoke during the Monday morning worship session at the 2018 Texas Baptists Family Gathering.

Kelile challenged Texas Baptist churches to pursue unity by focusing on a Gospel-centered mission. With a background as a church planter, Kelile had a unique voice filled with passion and drive, suggesting that churches should look less like luxury cruise ships, loaded with amenities for passengers, and more like a battle cruiser, filled with soldiers.

“The conservation of resources on a troop carrier contrasts sharply with the opulence that characterizes the luxury liner,” he explained. “After all, the troop carrier has an urgent task to accomplish.  The luxury liner on the other hand is free to casually enjoy the ship. Unfortunately, I am concerned that some churches in America resemble the luxury liner. Although God designed us to carry soldiers, like every Christian, into battle, we have become more interested in our own comforts during the journey.”

Kelile preached the following sermon on July 30 in Arlington, Texas. To view the entire sermon, click play below.

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