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by Guest Author on July 23, 2019 in MAP Stories

Luke San-Gupta is a MAP missionary in South Asia. During his time on the mission field, San-Gupta has seen the Lord work in miraculous ways. Below are three stories he shared about what God is doing in his community:

God reunited sister Ruby* along with her husband, Robert, to live together in the village. She was mistreated by her in-laws for 18 years for not having a child, and she became mentally unstable and about to commit suicide. She was not living with her husband for more than four years. At that time, God sent our evangelist to that village to share the Good News. She heard about Jesus and trusted that He could restore her life. God heard her prayers and now she is no longer unstable and lives with her husband. Ruby is very happy and thankful to God. Kindly pray that Robert is able to understand the love of God and commit his life to Jesus. God willing, they may have a child.

God saved Barbara, a lady from a nearby village. She was possessed with evil spirits; she used to hurt herself with a knife and run away from home. Our evangelist went to her village, where people asked him to pray for her. God heard the simple prayer of His faithful servant and healed this lady. Villagers thought that her family was broken, but now, by the grace of God, Barbara has started having a normal life. She loves her husband and took part in baptism along with her husband. They are happy and testifying about how God protected her life.

God delivered Heather from all the sickness and gave her hope to live in another village. Through her transformation, many people are coming to know Christ and she became a pioneer missionary to go around and tell about Christ and is now bringing them to the knowledge of Christ. Through her testimony, 10 people took part in baptism.

Luke San-Gupta serves in South Asia. He is a MAP missionary ready to be adopted by a Texas Baptists church. Contact Gloria Tillman, MAP Ministry Assistant, at for more information on how your church can adopt a MAP missionary or visit today.

*names changed

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