​Revival through the radio waves in Honduras

by Guest Author on February 11, 2016 in Great Commandment

This past month, Radio Rio de Dios had an incredible time of ministry. During the last week of January, during our monthly marathon, special guest Pedro Paz came to the radio station to pray, share the Gospel and minister to the listening audience.

Over a period of six days, more than 500 people came to the radio station seeking help, prayer, and to bring offerings for the radio ministry. People waited for hours outside in the hot sun to receive prayer and in some cases healing from various illnesses.

During the week over 175 decisions were made, many accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior for the first time, while others renewed their relationship with Christ. People brought offerings of money, food, and even one lady brought a chicken. By the end of the marathon the radio raised over $12,000. This is almost half of our yearly operating expenses. The radio staff worked long hours every day ministering to those who had come on foot and on buses from numerous areas in our area. We are amazed by the ministry that took place. Below are some testimonies of what took place during the marathon.

"A man name Jose Rosa Lopez shared that he had a strong pain in his stomach. For two days he could not get out of bed. Jose came to the radio seeking prayer and healing from this pain. After the radio staff and those who had come to visit the radio prayed, his pain left. Jose said that God touched his life with a miracle."

"A desperate and scared mother, named Angela Hernandez came to the radio and asked for prayer for her daughter, Azucena. Azucena had been having problems with her vision and after seeing an eye doctor was told she was going to need surgery. We prayed for her to be healed. A few days later Angela called to tell us that they returned to the eye doctor. The doctor said that Azucena no longer needed the surgery."

"A young lady named Maria called the radio and shared how God worked in the life of her son Roberto. The doctors told Roberto that his heart was damaged and there was nothing they could do to repair the damage. After we prayed for him at the radio, Roberto called to say that he believes that God gave him a new heart and that he was healed."

"A girl came to the radio during the marathon. Luis, the administrator at the radio had to carry her inside because she was unable to walk. After a special time of prayer the girl got up and was able to walk on her own."

God is working through Radio Rio de Dios in Honduras. Please continue to keep the radio and the radio staff in your prayers as they minister to the listening audience throughout Western Honduras.

Shannon Hopkins is a church-based sending missionary serving in Honduras. Read more about 61 Isaiah Ministries and their work with the Lenca people group.

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