Serving in Quebec to glorify His Name

by Guest Author on June 19, 2015 in Great Commission

Well, we've officially had our first group of kids come through the camp. On Thursday, we had kids ages 5 through 12 come from a Quebec school. They were able to go through nine activities, such as arts and crafts, boating, sports, etc. All the kids ages 7 and under spoke ONLY FRENCH! So I had to learn some French really quick in order to lead these kids through my activity, which was sponge volleyball. It was super stressful, but also very sweet to see these little children who were so precious and know that God loved them.

The real ministering happened later that night, when the little kids left and we had fourth through sixth graders staying in the cabin overnight with us. My co-counselor, Melissa, and I had six girls staying in our cabin. They were so fun!

They were interested in all the activities, and were interested in talking and hanging out with us, which we were told not to expect (since they're a secular school group). The rule with school groups is we're not allowed to bring up anything Christ related. However, if the kids ask about it, there's no limit to what we can tell them about Jesus. And that's what happened!

I was reading my Bible in bed while the girls were talking, and they noticed and asked if I was reading my Bible. When I said "Yes," they asked me to read it to them. So I read from Genesis 1 about how God created the world, and they also wanted to know about Jesus so I read them some of the miracles He did from Matthew, like when He raised the girl from the dead.

They were confused, saying that Jesus died and He's not here anymore. So I was able to explain to them that He rose from the dead, and now He's in heaven. I also tried to explain how He left us with the Holy Spirit, but that was a bit harder to explain to 12-year-olds.

Our next group comes Monday through Tuesday, then another group will be with us Wednesday through Friday this week. Please be praying for opportunities to tell them about Christ and salvation. Pray for the seeds to be planted in their hearts, and for the harvest of their salvation to be reaped.

I see now that sharing about Christ's presence is extremely limited in Quebec, but I know He has brought us here to glorify His name and spread His truth! His plan will be fulfilled, and He has brought us here as part of his plan. Praise His name!

Kaitlyn Laney, a student at Texas A&M University, is serving kids at Frontier Lodge Camp in Quebec through Go Now Missions this summer.

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