Shining stars and talks of God in Quebec

by Guest Author on July 28, 2015 in Great Commission

We've just finished our first week of having residential campers here at Frontier Lodge! Thanks be to God because we had the smoothest week with no hiccups or accidents! Residential camp is for campers who stay with us a week or more, living with us in the cabins and spending time with us all day, all week. Also, this is when the Christian camp starts, so we can talk about Jesus all we want!

My cabin had three girls in it, all age 10, plus my junior counselor who is 15. My girls were named Reiley, Norah, and Kaitlyn (it made me so happy we had the same name, but I couldn't let her know because we all go by camp names, and mine is Kirby), and I could not have asked for better campers!

They each had unique personalities we were able to help bring out over the week as we got to know them more and more. They gave me no trouble, and we were able to go on tons of adventures together: crawfish hunts in the creek and lake, late night stargazing, swimming, jumping and boating on the lake, plus lots of time every day spent talking about life and God. I was also able to share parts of my testimony with them that hopefully gave them encouragement and wisdom.

They had excellent questions, like," How do you know God is real? What if Jesus won't forgive me when I ask him?"

I was able to share what God has shown and taught me, parts of my testimony and, of course, what scripture says. When Reiley asked before bedtime how I knew God was real, I took them out of the cabin to show them the stars.

I said, "I find it impossible to look at the beauty of creation, like the stars, and not believe God made it all." They were fascinated to realize God placed the stars in the sky, plus everything else on the earth. Reiley told me she asked Jesus into her heart, but she was still asking lots of questions, so I'm not sure she really knew what she was asking. I know the Lord has her in His hands and knows her heart, but please continue to pray that she would dedicate her life to Jesus as her Savior. She's so close!!

Another thing God has done here is given me the opportunity to praise Him through worship. The chapel/worship coordinator here heard me singing around camp, and asked me to help lead worship with him. It's been such an incredibly fun and enlightening experience! Each morning we led chapel for the kids with songs aimed towards them, and it was so fun to see them singing and dancing along with us!

Then,Thursday night, we had a counselor worship night in which I sang along with two other guys; the Holy Spirit was SO present with us that night. The room was filled with around 50 people singing praises to God for an hour straight. I have never felt so filled with the Holy Spirit, and I know it was God using my voice to glorify his name; it was such an honor, and hope to be able to do it again soon.

Tomorrow, we receive our next round of residential campers. I can't wait to bond with this next group of girls, sharing with them all God's love and truths. Please pray their hearts would be open to Him, that they would feel His presence all around and that they would seek after an authentic, dedicated relationship with Him.

Kaitlyn Laney, a student from Texas A&M University, is serving as a Go Now missionary in Quebec.

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