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by Gabriel Cortés on November 2, 2016 in Culture

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One of the things that distinguishes Texas Baptists from other conventions is that we have made the education of our Hispanic students a priority. This is why about seven years ago, Texas Baptists created the Hispanic Education Initiative; it is necessary that in our days, seeing the great current and projected growth of the Hispanic population, we make the education of our children and young people a priority. If it is projected that there will be 21 million Hispanics in Texas by 2050 and that Hispanics will surpass the Anglo population by 2020, we must increase the percentage of Hispanics earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. We exist to help families and students understand that going to college is a real possibility for them! This is another way in which Texas Baptists are investing in the future of our Baptist leaders.

To make college a real possibility for our students, resources are required, especially money. We have realized that it is not enough only to raise money for scholarships and award them. We need both parents and young people to make a significant effort to put themselves in a position to find money for college. So what are three basic actions that parents and children can begin to take today in order to obtain more financial resources and achieve their educational potential?

  1. Make sure that their children take school seriously today, no matter the age, and work hard. This involves making sure that they have good habits of study, eating and sleeping. The good development of mental capacities, food and rest are necessary for all, especially for those who are growing. And although until now, I have not known too many children or young people who admit that they are sleepy and tired, these elements are essential to properly prepare them for the future.
  2. If a young person has the ability to take AP (Advanced Placement) courses in high school, do everything possible to take as many of these as he or she can. "AP" courses are advanced, university level courses that a student in high school can take. If they pass the exam for this course at the end of the year, they can receive college credit for it, saving time and money in college. Another benefit of the AP courses is that they have the potential to increase the student’s GPA (Grade Point Average) and his or her class rank. This opens the door to much more economic assistance or scholarships, and prepares them to deal with the rigors of a college education. Without a doubt, the student will be better positioned for what is to come.
  3. Save and eliminate expenses. Make sacrifices in the short term that will make an impact in the long term. So, eliminate unnecessary expenditures, set a budget and stick to it. To do this, start a college fund to help cover the college expenses of your children when the time comes, thus reducing the impact to your budget at that point. I recognize that saving is not our specialty. However, it is prudent. Start with any amount. The best time to start is now. Start and develop the habit. You will not regret it. You will see the impact of doing as the children and youth that God has placed under your care become who wants them to be.

Someone said that, "Everything that is worth having in the life costs." This is very true, especially when we talk about achieving the potential for which we were created. Let’s act today so that we may impact tomorrow.

For more information about our Hispanic Education Initiative, including scholarships, our summer missionary program, "Raising Highly Capable Kids”, our GED prep course, etc. call (214) 887-5426 or email .

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