TBM helps Puerto Rican families have clean water to drink after earthquake

by Guest Author on January 28, 2020 in News

Working through its partners, TBM has helped send 500 water filters to provide clean drinking water for families affected by the recent earthquake in Puerto Rico.

On Jan. 7, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake caused more than $200 million in damage nationwide and was followed by at least two significant subsequent earthquakes. Aftershocks continued. The country lost power immediately after the first earthquake and thousands of people have been impacted. As many as 300,000 individuals had no drinking water after the earthquake.

“The earthquake in Puerto Rico is the worst to hit the country in 100 years,” said DeeDee Wint, vice president of TBM Water Ministries. “By connecting our partners, we are helping a Puerto Rican church provide clean drinking water for its community and giving members the opportunity to share about the living water of Christ who loves them.”

TBM is helping North Carolina Baptist Men get the filters to Puerto Rico. Each of the 500 filters provides enough clean water for a family each day. When they get dirty, the filters can be cleaned and reused, providing a sustainable source of clean water.

TBM Water Ministries has provided clean drinking water for tens of thousands in recent years. The ministry first grew out of TBM’s disaster relief efforts, but now includes well drilling, well repair, community systems, health and hygiene classes, business training through soap creation as well as water filters.

“Water is such a basic need that we take it for granted,” Wint said. “When it’s suddenly gone like in the case of Puerto Rico, there’s a huge need. We’re helping brothers and sisters in Christ deliver help, hope and healing in their community.”

John Hall is director of communications for TBM.

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