These gleaming, little eyes

by Leah Reynolds on February 15, 2016 in News

Look at these gleaming little eyes. Gripping, aren't they?

Though a sparkle glistens, these eyes have seen what no eyes should ever see.

These eyes saw a bomb detonate yards away as they fled their Syrian home at 4 a.m. over a year ago.

They saw airplanes fly above which triggered tears and the verbal response, "They're coming! They're coming to bomb us!"

They saw crowded buses and tired feet during the two days of transit to cross the Syria/Lebanon border.

They saw their new home—a wooden frame, covered with a flimsy nylon tarp—and two "rooms" to house nine pairs of sibling and parent eyes.

These eyes saw a frigid winter, with 60 straight days of snow.

They saw their parents waking at odd hours of the night to knock snow off the tent roof.

But then, these eyes saw hope.

They saw kind strangers from the local church bring mattresses, so they didn't have to sleep on the cold, hard ground.

They saw these newfound friends bring warm blankets, to cover them at night.

They saw them install a heater and give fuel vouchers to their parents, who were facing serious debt.

These eyes belong to two little girls, victimized by the civil war in Syria. They have seen devastation and terror.

But today, these eyes see trust and security. They are seeing the love of Christ through the church simply being the church.

Now, when these ears hear an airplane, these eyes beg to see it, just as any child's eyes should.

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