Upcoming Celebration of Life Worship Service seeks to celebrate the sanctity of life

by Texas Baptists Communications on January 19, 2021 in News

On Saturday, Jan. 23, at 10:15 a.m., the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission (CLC) will host the Celebration of Life Worship Service. The event will celebrate the sanctity of life and will be live-streamed from Meadowridge Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

The service will include testimonials from Dr. David Sanchez, CLC director of Ethics and Justice; Dr. Katie Fruge, CLC associate director and director of Hunger and Care Ministries; and Dr. David Ummel, director of Faith Fosters Texas. Worship will also be led by the Meadowridge Baptist Church’s worship team.

The Celebration of Life is centered around three themes: affirm, accept and applaud. Sanchez explained that the service seeks to affirm those who choose life when the choice is not easy, accept those who regret past choices they have made and applaud those involved in adoption and foster care.

The service seeks to provide a biblical perspective that transcends the political lines abortion often gets entangled in by approaching the topic from a holistic point of view that focuses not just on preventing it, but healing those who have experienced abortion and promoting adoption and foster care.

“Usually when we talk about abortion, we’re not talking about it from a biblical perspective, we’re talking about it from a political and legislative perspective, and that tends to be very divisive and negative. So we’re trying to say, as a Church, this is what a pro-life stance looks like biblically,” Sanchez explained. "We’re not taking this time to attack…we want to have a positive message and show how people can support and encourage and celebrate lives.”

To learn more about the Christian Life Commission, visit txb.org/clc.

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