How do I obtain an endorsement from the BGCT?

You may call 214-828-5277 or 888-244-9400 or email chaplaincy[at] and request information for a New Endorsement or a Transfer of Endorsement.

Is the BGCT willing to endorse female chaplains?


If I am divorced is it possible for me to receive BGCT endorsement?

Divorce is not a reason you would be prohibited from obtaining a BGCT endorsement.

Can I be endorsed by two Baptist Agencies?

No, you can only be endorsed by one agency at a time.

Do you issue a lifetime endorsement?

It could be a permanent endorsement only if you remain in the same position at your institution and they do not require updates. We endorse to a specific position. If you are with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice then endorsement is good for one year only. Each year YOU must request a letter from our office to be sent to Huntsville indicating you are endorsed by us and in good standing.

What are the requirements for a BGCT endorsement?

On our website you will find downloadable documents with a list of requirements for either a NEW Endorsement or a Transfer of Endorsement depending on which you download.

What is the next step after I receive the requirements?

You will send your paperwork to Chaplaincy Relations, BGCT, 7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75231-2388. A file will be created for you. Todd Combee, Director of Chaplaincy Relations, will review your submitted paperwork. He will contact you and set up an interview. (You will want to be sure and provide email addresses and contact information).

Do you have contact with your chaplains?

Yes, there will be various forms of communication with our endorsed chaplains. We will be sending emails, making telephone calls, onsite visits, etc. Certainly, we are available to be contacted by our endorsed chaplains. Todd Combee, Director of Chaplaincy Relations, can be reached at: (214) 828-5381 or toll free at: (888) 311-3900.

Do you endorse chaplains who live outside of Texas?

Yes. Many of our military chaplains serve in other states. We also have endorsed chaplains who serve in states where their state convention has not yet been approved as an endorsing agency.

Can I be endorsed to a volunteer position?

Yes, if the institution where you serve requires an endorsement.

I am almost through with my seminary training. Can I be endorsed as a student?


Are college transcripts required?


I am a military chaplain do you require any DOD forms?

Yes, you will complete a DD2088, which is a Department of Defense Form, and send it to us. It is your responsibility to complete the personal information as well as that information regarding your rank and your months of service. We will complete the portion referring to us as your endorser and we will mail it to the appropriate Chief of Chaplains’ office. I am interested in a chaplaincy candidacy program and have military experience. What do I submit to you to show my recorded military time served?

Please submit a DD214. This will show your exact time served.

If any of your questions have not been answered, please contact Todd Combee at: todd.combee[at], at (214) 828-5381 or toll free at (888) 311-3900 and he will be happy to further assist you.