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Assisting Texas Baptist churches in evaluating their church health, engaging their community with the Gospel and growing God’s Kingdom by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Center for Church Health has experts in church growth, worship, discipleship, evangelism, church architecture and biblical resources to guide churches to fulfill the Great Commission.

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Re:Vision Church Health Webinar
featuring Thom & Sam Rainer

October 6, 2021, 3:00 PM

Jonathan Smith, Thom Rainer and Sam Rainer will be equipping pastors in church health, church growth and church revitalization.

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Church Answers Partnership

The Church Health Strategy Team is excited to partner with Church Answers and Thom and Sam Rainer to provide Texas Baptists churches with a wealth of church health tools for all aspects of ministry including:

  • How to assess a church’s health

  • Demographic and psychographic reports

  • Leadership development

  • Models for reaching local communities

  • Guides for utilizing prayer as an evangelism tool

In addition, a new consultant training program will help to raise up more people to advise churches across the state.

For more information contact us with the information below.

A Reflection from a chaplain at Ground Zero following 9/11

by Jonathan Smith on September 10, 2021 in Church Health Strategy

I was in New York City in June of 2001 with my wife Heather for my first visit to New York City. When I returned for a last-minute mission trip in December of 2001, I found an entirely different city.

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Re:Vision : A podcast about church health and growth

At Re:Vision: A podcast about church health and growth we are envisioning and inspiring Great Commission and Great Commandment churches. Hosted by Jonathan L. Smith, Director of Church Health Strategy, you will hear from leading experts in church health and growth from around the nation. In a TED Talk format, Jonathan will equip you to lead a vibrant and growing church. You will also be encouraged by pastors who are leading revitalized churches.

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Consulting Sessions

The Church Health Strategy Team provides on-site and virtual consultation to Texas Baptist churches. We encourage, equip, and coach pastors and congregations in all aspects of church health, growth, and leadership development.


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