Church Starting Process

Our church starting process takes the church planter and sponsor church from an initial interest meeting all the way to launch and subsequent growth reviews. Each step in the process is intentional, prayerful and designed to help your church grow and reach the lost for Christ.


  1. Interest Level Meeting
  2. Application
  3. Resource Discovery Meeting
    • What resources are available?
    • What partners are available?
    • What is the demographic profile of the target area?
    • What is the initial strategy and plan?
    • Funding criteria
  4. Assessment
  5. Strategic Development Meeting
    • Detailed plans of partners
    • Details of when to start
    • Budget
    • Launch strategy
    • Final prospectus
    • Preparation for Missions Funding Council (MFC)
    • Sign covenant
  6. Missions Funding Council [Approval]
  7. Next Steps
    • Monthly Reports
    • Cooperative Program Contribution
    • Setup Direct Deposit
    • Growth Reviews

Funding Criteria

  • Core group
  • Budget
  • Demographic profile of target area
  • Strategy to reach target area
  • Partner/Sponsor relationship
  • Assessment
  • Training/Education
  • Experience
  • Residency/Church Planting Center (CPC)
  • Sustainability/Viability