Considerations for Sponsor Churches

Our church starting process is unique, and distinctly Baptist. We believe that churches start new churches. We provide the process, resources and support for new churches to launch and arrive at self-sustainability, but the sponsor church is the driver.

Here are a few things to think about when considering becoming a sponsor church:

Church Planter

  • How well do you know the church planter?
  • Have you considered the planter’s personal, spiritual and family life, theology, etc.?
  • How has the church planter been assessed?
  • Where is the planter looking to plant?
  • Who is in the planter’s core group?
  • What does the leadership team look like?
  • How does this church plan to reach people?

Cooperative Partners

  • Who does the planter plan on partnering with for support?
  • Who else would you want to be a partner?
  • What resources do the partners bring to support the church plant?
  • What expectations would you have for other partners in the support of this new church?

New Church Support

  • What are the needs of this new church?
  • How can your church support the new work?
  • What resources can your church provide?
  • What prayer support can be provided?
  • Are there groups in the church that can adopt the planter and their family to send birthday cards, gift cards, notes of encouragement and more?
  • Could you send mission teams of 2 to 20 people to serve?

Texas Baptists Support & Expectations

  • Resource your church plant
  • Administer resources
  • Provide prayer and encouragement
  • Attend quarterly meetings with the new church plant and their partners to get updates and coordinate resources.
  • Participate in Texas Baptists life
  • Give regularly to the Texas Baptists Cooperative Program
  • Ensure complete monthly reporting